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ASTD Chapter Newsletter
October 2012 Issue
President's Message

Summer keeps lingering. It is late September as I write this and still loving the 70 degree days! But, all good things must come to an end. Or do they have to? Summer may be going away, but the things I enjoy doing don’t have to. I thought this month I would share some of my favorite things and some resources.

Networking – I love meeting new people, getting to know them and what they do. It is amazing how many time those connections seem to bring new work, new friends, or new information at the time I need it. Linkedin and even Facebook is my new best friend when it comes to digital networking. I love the connections I get and am able to follow up with emails and enter into discussion in groups.

Research – I love spending time doing research on learning subjects. I am very interested in how we change people’s lives through good learning. I see lots of ideas and implementations, and I am always amazed and inspired. ASTD.org,Trainingmag.com, and Clomedia.com provide some great resources and has many free informational resources.

Learning – Right here in the Northwest we have some great resources for learning about our own field. One that stands out is the University of Washington’s Certificate in E-Learning Design and Development. You explore approaches to e-learning, instructional designs, tools and procedures for e-learning environments. Discover how to effectively assess program content and usability.

On the Job Learning – You “Google it” or “Bing it” many times a day. It is amazing how many times I get the answer to a question or some information by just opening a web application and doing a search. A truly “on-demand” service at the moment of need.

ASTD – Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention our own resources! On our ASTD site we have events, blogs, and even links to many other sites for research. We are pushing our social media to the next level with Tweets, Facebook posts and a Puget Sound group on LinkedIn to get discussions from our peers going. Check them all out at www.astdps.org.

Darren Nerland

ASTDps President

Join us at our Upcoming ASTD Puget Sound Conference!

Are you ready to “Ignite Your Mojo?” Register now for the ASTD Puget Sound 2012 Workplace Learning Conference, Friday, October 5, 2012 in Renton, WA

This one-day conference will feature an exciting line-up of speakers, with over 12 break-out sessions. The theme is "Ignite Your Mojo" and our goal is provide an energizing learning environment for Workplace Learning professionals to network, learn about some new leading edge tools, and re-connect with a passion for learning.

HOLD THE DATE and Register Now. Check out more information and updates on the full conference agenda here.

Announcing a special event that is sure to sell out!

Thursday, Oct. 4: Rapid E-Learning Workshop – Building Engaging and Interactive E-Learning! Featuring Tom Kulhmann, VP of Community for Articulate.

Join Tom Kuhlmann as he shares some practical tips on getting the most out of the resources you have to build engaging and interactive e-learning courses. Register to attend this workshop and the 2012 Conference for a high-impact two-days of fantastic learning!

To register and for more information, click here.

Employee Learning Week
Save the Date – December 3-7 for ASTDps Employee Learning Week
Join the ASTD Puget Sound chapter Employee Learning Week that connects learning to performance.  For workplace learning professionals, Employee Learning Week goals are to:
    ⁃    Give you an opportunity to focus on your own learning and skills development
    ⁃    Showcase your skills and connect you with a highly skilled workforce

For the week of December 3-7, 2012, we have a lineup of learning topics presented by top professionals!
Following is a sampling of what is coming:
    ⁃    “The World IS Your Classroom Training” by Chris Pirie, Microsoft’s General Manager of Field Readiness.
    ⁃    "CEO panel focusing on Employee Learning" by Sam Herring of Intrepid and Kevin Oakes from i4cp
    ⁃    “ROI of Coaching” by Lisa Ann Edwards of Bloom Coaching Institute
    ⁃    “Innovation” by Bud Wurtz of the AK Group

Employee Learning Week topics will focus on the key roles of workplace learning professionals:
    ⁃    Learning Strategist – strategies to shift our thinking about blended learning and online technologies
    ⁃    Business Partner – inform about current trends and research to advance the role of learning to drive business results
    ⁃    Project Manager – practical, how-to guides and tips on new ways to use learning collaboration vehicles

If you would like to promote Employee Learning Week in your organization, check out the Employee Learning Week Campaign Playbook at: 

If you have any questions on this, please contact Sandra Wong at 206.684.7608 or at Sandra.wong@seattle.gov
Innovation Initiative Workshop

Innovative Learning Design Using New Technologies
Presented by Jeff Tillett

How do we design a learning strategy that is both engaging and meets the needs of a particular business with emerging technology? Learn about the most creative and innovative learning trends and strategies. Explore some creative and innovative ways to approach learning and organizational change.

About the presenter: 
Jeff Tillett is on the forefront of learning and technology.  Jeff started his career as a web designer and multi-media developer and then crossed-over into instructional design, specializing in elearning, social learning, and video learning, especially for mobile devices.  He is widely known for his blog.

Tuesday, October 16th
Program: 8 – 9:30 AM (Registration: 7:30 AM)
The Versatile Company
12304 32nd AVE NE; Seattle, 98125

Register here

ASTDps Research Corner

Research and Learning Science: The Research Corner
by Rob McGowan (robmcgowan@msn.com)

Putting Research and Learning Science to Use

Each month, we'll speak to learning professionals in the Puget Sound area to hear about the work they do, how they use learning research, and where research and learning science could help them.
This month, I spoke with two learning consultants at an area software company. They perform a wide array of learning and development program responsibilities,  ranging from yearly needs assessments and curriculum management to content development , delivery, and evaluation.  Both serve a global workforce of several hundred business professionals and work with a mix instructor-led and web-based learning.
Currently, both professionals rely more heavily and frequently on industry and profession-specific specific research, rather than research in learning science. Both mentioned several journals and resources related to their company and the business areas they serve. At the same time, the practitioners spoke of how mindful they are of foundational research in instructional design. For example,  they are developing a more effective evaluation system that transitions from Kirkpatrick's Level 1 "smile sheets" to a Level 3 measurement of how training changes behavior 60-90 days after training has been delivered. Both spoke of the importance of an ADDIE  approach to training development, recognizing that there are business circumstances when a rapid development approach may contract the optimal assessment time frame.
Evolving challenges in their positions have given rise to the following interests in learning science research:
* Developing strategies to maximize the return on limited (and shrinking) learning and development dollars. How do senior leaders ensure that the company is making wise investments?
* Understanding the trends in instructor-led, eLearning, asynchronous, and synchronous delivery strategies. What does the latest research tell us about the cost, ease of creation, implementation, and effectiveness of different approaches?
* Strategies for cost-effectively rolling out training to global audiences. What are the most impactful ways for deploying training on a worldwide scale when travel is prohibitively expensive?
* Finding ways to deliver effective training in small chunks (less than four hours) to a worldwide audience with nonstop, consistent milestones and deadlines. 
Do any of our members have great resources to address the interests mentioned above? If so, please send them to me, and I'll forward them to this month's interviewees.
Innovation in the Learning Marketplace

I had an opportunity to meet with Nick Scott, co-founder of a next-generation Learning Management System (LMS), under development in Seattle and Eastern Europe. Their product, EDUonGo (www.EDUonGo.com) combines traditional LMS offerings with collaboration and social networking tools, allowing learners to share annotations and questions they've recorded at different points in the courseware. And courseware will be accessible on a wide variety of tablets and mobile devices, living up to the company's promise that customers can "Learn Everywhere."

EDUonGO (pronounced E-D-U-ongo) is currently working with a select group of schools and businesses to custom-develop their LMSs on EDUonGo's platform. While the company grows, its product and a select group of free courses are available for sampling. Check it out and see what you think. If you have questions about the product, or suggestions for the development team, send them an email at info@eduongo.com. Or you can let me know, and I'll pass along your inquiry or comments directly to Nick.

Future Features on Research and Learning Science

In upcoming newsletters, look for these features:
* Industry trends,
* Reviews on new books and articles,
* Links to useful research resources and tools,
* Q&A from the research team,
* Retrospectives on published texts with enduring value,
* More interviews with practitioners and students

Let us know what else you'd like to see from us!

Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight on Carol Melby
by Kathy Englert

When Gordon Storey (our past chapter President) learned of Carol Melby’s role in Olympia as administrator of two of Washington State’s training fund sources, he knew she would be a great asset to our chapter. He encouraged her to talk with ASTDps members Beverly Parnell (VP of Research and Learning Sciences) and Dr. Bud Wurtz (Director of Public Resource Information & Strategies) to discuss how she might be of service to our chapter. Carol pursued these connections and as a result now serves as the ASTDps Workforce Development Liaison. In this role, Carol helps facilitate connections and alignment between state initiatives involving workforce development and the interests and needs of our chapter members. In Carol’s words, “Our state recognizes that economic development and workforce development go hand in hand. My goal is to increase awareness that ASTDps members are the WPL (workplace learning) leaders and professionals who are well-situated to help Washington’s workforce initiatives succeed.”

Carol has been a member of the national ASTD organization for about six years and became involved at the local level in 2010. She loves her work with ASTDps and says the primary reason she’s so satisfied is the people. “I’m energized when I can connect with others who value learning and are actively seeking as well as sharing innovative ways to advance workplace learning. I meet new people at every event and enjoy finding areas of mutual interest, intent, and enthusiasm.”

Moving forward in her role as Workforce Development Liaison, Carol is excited at what she sees ahead. “As key state agencies finalize their strategic plans for the coming years, it’s fabulous to see common ground: a focus on innovation; an emphasis on talent and workforce development; greater integration between education and the workplace; and more.” Carol sees several upcoming opportunities for members to both participate in and benefit from while simultaneously helping Washington State achieve success with its workforce and economic development initiatives. We are lucky indeed to have Carol Melby in our chapter – looking out on our behalf for all these opportunities ahead!

A resident of the View Ridge neighborhood in Seattle, Carol recently concluded she had commuted to Olympia long enough and decided to retire from her job there. Since then, she has revitalized her 15+ year private practice of workplace training and consulting in which she works in a variety of ways with both public and private sector clients. Carol says her primary passion and expertise is in “consulting on and designing programs that help employees develop and advance in the workplace.”

When not advancing workplace learning and working on behalf of the members of ASTDps, Carol spends as much time as possible outdoors – biking, running, sailing, and gardening. She must have loved the September we just had here in Seattle!

A big thank you to Carol for the great work she’s doing for ASTDps and for the world of workplace learning!

ASTDps Volunteer Opportunities
Registration Team Member.
Be one of the first smiling faces people see in the morning!  Help welcome and check attendees in to the monthly chapter meetings.  Responsibilities include set-up at about 7:15 am and clean up after 9:30am.  There are two or three evening meetings a year as well.  Contact Judi Jones at jjones1@msn.com to express your interest.

Board Member Openings.
We are now accepting applications for the following Board Members for the 2013-2014 term:

Director of Programs.  This Board Member manages the volunteer committee responsible for organizing monthly chapter meetings. Tasks include: Overseeing a team of volunteers on the program and registration committees, working with committee members to recruit and communicate with potential speakers; reviewing and giving feedback on proposals; preparing speakers for presentation; event planning; participating in monthly board meetings; managing program budget.  Time commitment 10-20 hours/month for 2 years.  Questions? E-mail Karen Thornton, VP of Programs, ASTDps at programs@astdps.org.

Director of Membership Services.  This position is responsible for attracting and retaining new members and for managing the process of recruiting volunteers.  Tasks include overseeing the Ambassador (formerly Mentor) team, conducting an annual membership survey, recruiting and matching volunteers to needed positions, facilitating new member orientations, and organizing a membership drive.  Time commitment 15-25 hours per month.  For a complete job description, email Sally Templeton at memservices@astdps.org.

Director of Professional Development.  This Member of the Board plans and implements special professional development events outside of the monthly chapter meetings.  They may include a regional conference such as the one planned for this October.  Time commitment 20-35 hours per month.  For more information, contact Sherry Johnson Metz at prodev@astdps.org.

Director of Research and Learning Science.  This Board Member tracks trends, informs decisions, and connects research to practice and performance.  Responsibilities include overseeing the Research Manager, Creativity and Innovation SIG, the Workforce Development Liaison, writing Research Factoids, and conducting the annual membership survey.  Time commitment 12-20 hours per month.  For more information, contact Bev Parnell at research@astdps.org.

Finance Manager for 2013, moving to Director of Finance in 2014.  The Finance Director manages and reports on the finances of the Chapter.  In 2013, the Finance Manager will shadow and be mentored by the current Director of Finance and move onto the Board in 2014 as Director of Finance.  Tasks include preparing budgets, balancing bank statements, analyzing financial impact of proposals and preparing financial statements.  Time commitment 12-15 hours per month.  For more information, contact Jeane Daley at finance@astdps.org.

Applications for Board Member positions are available here and are due October 1.

Group Membership

Group Memberships:  Get 10% off 3 or More
A new category of membership is now available.  When three or more individuals from the same organization join or renew their memberships together, they will receive 10% off the membership price and 10% off all events during their year of membership.

With this offer, it makes sense to corral a couple colleagues to join.  If you’d like to take advantage of this great deal, contact Office Administrator Ann Baus at astdann@yahoo.com.

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