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ASTD Chapter Newsletter
December 2012 Issue
President's Message

As my last month as president of ASTD Puget Sound, I am over whelmed by the amount we accomplished this year. I thought instead of reminiscing about my time, I would call out our awesome board members for their dedication and work this year. Here are just some of the things we accomplished this year at the national level:

  • 100 percent CORE ASTD with 35-50 percent of our chapter’s members being joint members with ASTDps and National.
  • ASTD Chapter Excellence Award with $1,000 cash prize to the chapter.
  • September National ASTD Chapter of the Month
  • ASTD Sharing our Success Award – Financial Management

Additionally we had goals at the local level and we surpassed many of them, here are
just a few:

  • Moved from a “Solid Chapter” to a “High Performing Chapter” in the financial category of ASTD National’s Next Level Matrix – accomplished through board financial education, expense management and success of annual conference/workshop.
  • Employee Learning Week (ELW) – We have a state ELW proclamation signed by Governor Christine Gregoire and six additional cities: Seattle, Redmond, Kenmore, Issaquah, Shoreline, and Woodinville.
  • We currently have more than 20 months of reserve in our account. Our goal this year was at least 12 months in reserve.
  • Our Mojo Conference brought in over $12,000 Net Income.
  • We will surpass out 2011 membership dues by almost $2,000 by the end of the year.
  • We have 7 new CPLPs in the Puget Sound area this year, many of them being involved in the Puget Sound CPLP program.
  • We instituted group membership and did away with corporate memberships.
  • We conducted a membership survey and posted the results on the website.
  • The Mentors changed their name to Ambassadors and added two new members.
  • Launched “Eggs and Issues” local government training consortium to improve the quality of public services by developing, accessing and expanding learning resources for public agencies.
  • ASTDps created a new role - Workforce Development Liaison -  in 2012 to help increase awareness between Washington’s workforce development systems and ASTDps chapter members.
  • With national ASTD spotlight on Innovation, Dr. William Wurtz led numerous special interest groups dedicated to topic of innovation such as Innovative Learning Design Using New Technologies with Jeff Tillett.
  • Research and Learning Sciences provided research interviews, updates and links to the latest on research and measurement within the learning field featured in each ASTDps newsletter.

Keep Learning!

Darren Nerland
ASTD Puget Sound President

Employee Learning Week!

in the ASTD Puget Sound chapter Employee Learning Week that connects learning to performance.

For workplace learning professionals, Employee Learning Week goals are to:

• Give you an opportunity to focus on your own learning and skills development
• Showcase your skills and connect you with a highly skilled workforce

For the week of December 3-7, 2012, we have a lineup of learning topics presented by
top professionals!  Following is what is coming:

• “The World IS Your Classroom Training” by Chris Pirie, Microsoft’s General Manager of Field Readiness.

• "CEO panel focusing on Employee Learning" by Sam Herring from Intrepid and Kevin Oakes from i4cp and Susan Scott from Fierce, Inc.

• “Measuring Return on Investment of Coaching and Three Things You Can Do Today” by Lisa Ann Edwards from Bloom Coaching Institute

 “A New Model for Innovating Organizational Innovation” by Bud Wurtz, PhD, from Coaching for Creativity

Employee Learning Week topics will focus on the key roles of workplace learning professionals:

• Learning Strategist – strategies to shift our thinking about blended learning and online technologies
• Business Partner – inform about current trends and research to advance the role of learning to drive business results

• Project Manager – practical, how-to guides and tips on new ways to use learning collaboration vehicles

For registration and for more information, click here...

To support Employee Learning Week, several local governmental agencies have signed Employee Learning Week Proclamations.  For 2012, the State of Washington Governor; Kenmore, Issaquah, Bellevue, Redmond, and Woodinville Mayors have proclaimed their organization committed to creating a highly skilled workforce that is critical to growing and sustaining a competitive advantage and December 3rd-7th as Employee Learning Week.

You can check it out at:  http://www.astdps.org/page-1157695
If you would like to promote Employee Learning Week in your organization, check out the Employee Learning Week Campaign Playbook at: http://www.astdps.org/GetInvolved

If you have any questions on this, please contact Sandra Wong at 206.684.7608 or at Sandra.wong@seattle.gov

Innovation Initiative 2013 Theme

Every Worker An Innovator”
 Chosen for Innovation Initiative 2013 Theme
by Dr. William “Bud” Wurtz

The Chapter’s Innovation Initiative planning team has adopted the theme of “Every worker an innovator” for 2013.  The theme reflects the emerging reality of the new Knowledge Economy where progress now depends on the collective brainpower of all workers to continually come up with new innovations -- and provides the need for the workplace learning profession to ensure everyone has the opportunity to develop to their highest potential.

The Innovation Initiative, which has evolved out of the Chapter’s long-standing Creativity and Innovation SIG, is the Chapter’s exciting venture to help lead the Puget Sound in becoming the most innovative region in the world.  The goal is to establish the learning foundations for knowledge and skill development in creative thinking and innovation processes among workplace learning professionals.  WLP practitioners in turn will serve as change agents to organizations of all types in our region.

The Initiative, now in its second year, takes its inspiration and direction from several sources.  First and foremost, is the 2011 National ASTD white paper, “Learning to Innovate”, the key sentence of which reads,  "The learning function can and SHOULD play a critical role in developing and sustaining the innovative culture that is the hallmark of successful organizations [emphasis added].”

The Initiative is also tied to the State of Washington’s recently adopted economic development policy to “Make Washington the most attractive, creative and fertile environment for innovation in the world as a means of achieving long-term global competitiveness, prosperity and economic opportunity for all the state citizens.” Of the State’s four strategy “pillars” for innovation, talent development is the number one priority.  Working with the State on the new strategy represents a golden opportunity for ASTDps to make a real difference in our region, and in the process demonstrating our relevance and importance to business and government leaders.

The planning team has made good progress thus far in developing a solid agenda for the coming year.  But there is still much to do.  Thus, there is still time to get involved in the planning effort.  In addition, there will be other opportunities throughout the year in other roles to help the Initiative succeed.

Those Chapter members involved in the Initiative use their work as an opportunity to act as innovators who practice what they preach.  The group follows the credo of “serious fun,” making the work enjoyable as well as enriching.

Initiative member Ellia Ryan says her volunteer efforts with the group are helping her to gain valuable new skills: “I joined the Innovation SIG because I am excited by recent and forthcoming trends in workplace learning. As workers are increasingly expected to be innovators, learning professionals will be called on to provide solutions and support in developing these skills, so I need to be informed about the latest tools as well as shifting trends in business. In this way, I can confidently advise my clients or business partners about options for meeting organizational goals.  Ellia adds: “Our small Innovation Group has big plans for supporting learning professionals, as well as businesses, in 2013. In order for the group to achieve our goals, it will take more than a few pairs of hands to implement the plans. I invite you to join us! Whether you join us on a regular basis, or simply volunteer to help at events, I believe you will share my excitement as you connect with interesting people, and contribute to your and your peers’ professional development.”

Contact Dr. Bud (aka William Wurtz, PhD) at governmentaffairs@astdps.org to learn how you can get involved.

Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight on Jayant Swamy
by Kathy Englert

Would you like to meet a true Renaissance man? Simply seek out Jayant Swamy at the next chapter meeting and you will have found one! Jayant (pronounced like “Giant” – but with a soft “t”) is a teacher, trainer, management consultant, technology manager, volunteer with numerous organizations, and a screenwriter and novelist! He’s also a native of Bangalore, India, where most of his family still lives. Jayant and his wife Vidhya came to the United States for professional reasons about fourteen years ago and have spent the bulk of that time in the Puget Sound area where Jayant has worked for several large corporations including T-Mobile, IBM, and Microsoft.

Jayant joined ASTDps about nine months ago and immediately became involved. Finding our chapter was like coming home for him. His passion for training and development shines through when you talk with him, and he was thrilled to find a room full of people with the same passion. In Jayant’s words, “I often speak in abstract terms and can get quite philosophical. I love that the people at ASTDps understand me!”

Jayant is in the midst of a major career transition – and is living what he calls his “dream life.” Early in his career in India, he worked in the field of training – developing and delivering training programs for young engineers transitioning from school to work, and for helping MBA aspirants prepare for India’s most competitive MBA programs. Jayant himself holds an MBA with a focus in organizational behavior and finance from the India Institute of Management. In addition, he was a guest faculty member at a business school where he taught financial accounting, financial management, management consulting, and business ethics.

Upon his move to the U.S., Jayant began working in technology management and remained in this field for twelve years. But it became increasingly clear how much he missed the world of training and organizational behavior. He felt like “an artist trapped in the career of a scientist.” A few months ago, he decided to liberate himself, branch out on his own, and leap back into his passion. He has been exploring his options, networking, consulting, and generally having a blast since then! It was this exploration that brought him to our chapter – and are we ever lucky to have him!

One area that especially interests Jayant is our ability as training professionals to influence the awakening of corporate leaders to the absolute necessity of human resource development. He believes that soft skills training is needed now more than ever in this era of accelerated technology advancement. He wants to do whatever he can to increase the impact we at ASTDps can have on our local corporate leaders in convincing them of the importance of utilizing their budgets for the development of their most valuable asset – their employees.

When Jayant takes a break from spreading his passion about training, he pursues his other passion – writing – with a focus on fiction. Even as he explores options for publishing his first novel that chronicles the emotional trajectory of five friends bound by a complex web of love and hatred, trust and betrayal, hope and despair, he is in the process of writing his second novel centered around warring half-brothers and dabbling in the theme of reincarnation. You can read more about Jayant’s writing pursuits at

Welcome Jayant! It is a joy to have you in our midst!
Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some intriguing positions for members who are interested in using their strengths, gaining new skills, and meeting new people.  Check them out yourself or forward these descriptions to someone you know who may be a fit.

Registration Team Member

Be one of the first smiling faces people see in the morning!  Help welcome and check attendees in to the monthly chapter meetings.  Responsibilities include set-up at about 7:15 am and put-away after 9:30am.  There are two or three evening meetings a year as well.  Contact Judi Jones at jjones1@msn.com to express your interest.

Ambassador:  New Member Outreach

We are looking for a few personable folks to welcome new members to our Chapter.   An Ambassador is responsible for actively promoting one-to-one relationships between experienced ASTDps members and new ASTDps members for the purpose of improving on-boarding, member engagement, and member retention.  Mentors contact new members and connect them with the ASTDps resources, people, and information that will make their membership a richer experience.  Estimated commitment is 2-3 hours per month and one year commitment.  For more information please contact Shelby Satko at shelbysatko@gmail.com.

If these opportunities don’t speak to you, but you are interested in becoming more involved in your ASTD chapter, please contact V.P. of Membership Services Sally Templeton at memservices@astdps.org.

Congratulations ASTDps CPLP's

From Rita Carson Director of CPLP:

I am so happy to announce that we have two new Certified Professionals in Learning and Performance in the Puget Sound chapter of ASTD!! I am personally very proud of you both for your dedication, hard work, and leading the way for others in earning this important credential! Well done!!  

Please join me in congratulating Kimberly Moore, CPLP and Holly Eckert, CPLP!

If anyone else has just recently earned their CPLP, please let me know and I will be happy to share the great news!

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