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ASTD Chapter Newsletter
February 2013 Issue
President's Message

2012 was full of success for ASTD Puget Sound Chapter.  As Darren Nerland shared in the December newsletter we moved from a solid chapter to a high performing chapter in finances, based on ASTD’s Next Level matrix. This was accomplished through ongoing education of board members, expense management, and a year of successful events.

What’s on tap for 2013?  In January, the board voted to focus on you: our members. With a solid financial foundation, it only makes sense to increase participation of our current members and to build our membership through new partnerships. ASTD Puget Sound Chapter will, of course, continue creating experiences for you through chapter meetings, professional development events, interest groups, and through our online presence.


The board has knowledge and experience to draw from with six board members continuing their volunteer roles, along with five new board members with a strong passion for our learning and development community.  We look forward to engaging you!


Karen Thornton


Upcoming Chapter Meeting
Tracking Learning: An Open-Source Option for Capturing the Full Picture

The Tin Can
API is a new learning technology specification that allows users to track all types of learning experiences in one place.  By integrating other learning systems, and by tracking both formal and informal learning, the Tin Can API can create a more full picture of each person's unique educational experiences.  This new learning specification addresses many of the challenges learning organizations faced with the old specification (SCORM).  It also enables companies to move from a single source learning system to tracking learning using tools in the employee workflow.  John Delano will define what Tin Can API is, provide examples for use in learning organizations, and give participants the opportunity to explore practical ways to get started using Tin Can API to improve learning experiences.

About the presenter:

Back by popular demand after his participation in last October's "Ignite Your Mojo" conference, John Delano is Co-Founder & CEO of Saltbox. With more than 15 years of executive experience in operations, sales and learning development, John helps organizations visualize and analyze learning data to increase training effectiveness. A Pacific Northwest native, John graduated from University of Washington and received his Master’s Degree from the University of Portland.

Agenda: February 19th
7:30-8:00 a.m. Registration, refreshments, networking
8:00-9:15 a.m. Announcements and presentation
9:15-9:30 a.m. Networking

Location: The 2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
map and directions
Register here...

Interested in volunteering on the program or registration committees?  Would you like to be a presenter at a chapter meeting? Send an e-mail to programs@astdps.org.
Special Event
Courageous Collaboration -- Live Learning Laboratory with Pat Hughes

To improve morale, increase employee satisfaction, drive innovation and enhance employee engagement, we need tools to create culture change. But facilitating organization change is hard and requires courageous collaboration!
Designed for internal leaders and external consultants who wish to improve their understanding of and experience with collaboration, participants will:

• Learn how Gracious Space can help groups work better together
• Learn the Courageous Collaboration Change Framework and tools/techniques to advance courageous collaboration
• Know how the framework can be applied to a specific context
• Develop a shared sense of mission around collaboration

The overall purpose of this workshop is to facilitate a peer-to-peer experience that builds local relationships, and explores our best thinking and techniques for how to improve trust, communication and collaboration in the groups we serve and consult with.

Agenda: February 26th
8:45-9:00 a.m. Registration, networking
9:00-4:00 p.m. Workshop, includes lunch and breaks

The 2100 Building
2100 24th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144

map and directions
Register here...

Research Corner

Research and Learning Science: The Research Corner by Rob McGowan (robmcgowan@msn.com)
Each month, we speak to learning professionals and students in the Puget Sound area to hear about the work they do, how they use learning research, and where research and learning science could help them.

Putting Research and Learning Science to Use
In last year’s newsletter, I wrote about two learning consultants at an area software company. They described challenges they're currently facing and where they could use ASTD research help. In this month's Research Corner, I'll point out a few recent ASTD resources that may be helpful.

Developing strategies to maximize the return on limited (and shrinking) learning and development dollars. How do senior leaders ensure that the company is making wise investments?

In November 2011, Jack Phillips and Patricia Pulliam Phillips published Measuring ROI in Learning and Development, available in paperback or PDF format from ASTD's website. The book describes best practice development of ROI methodologies, the costs of building such evaluation programs, and case studies of ROI applications across the globe.
ASTD also offers a certificate program on ROI Basics. The online program introduces participants to the basics, barriers, and benefits of using the ROI methodology as a tool to evaluate and support workplace learning and performance. The program format consists of four live instructor-led 90-minute online sessions, and it's available in April - May 2013.

Understanding the trends in instructor-led, eLearning, asynchronous, and synchronous delivery strategies. What does the latest research tell us about the cost, ease of creation, implementation, and effectiveness of different approaches?
Those looking for quantitative analyses of learning trends should definitely consult ASTD's annual State of the Industry. Last year's 70-page report includes a wealth of data -- from over 400 organizations -- on key performance indicators in the learning industry, including direct expenditure per employee, learning hours per employee, direct expenditure as a percentage of payroll, and many others. The report also notes trends such as a seven-year decline in Instructor-Led Training from 66 percent to 59 percent, and a corresponding increase in technology-based training from 26 percent to 33 percent. Best of all, the report is free for ASTD members to download.

Strategies for cost-effectively rolling out training to global audiences. What are the most impactful ways for deploying training on a worldwide scale when travel is prohibitively expensive?
2012 saw the publication of a 600+ organization survey and report entitled The Global Workplace: Learning Beyond Borders. ASTD also published a whitepaper on the topic. The report identifies the top challenges in managing global learning, and notes the strategies organizations are undertaking to address those challenges. Its recommended strategies include hiring regional trainers, ensuring that global hires are trained immediately, and managing a global training budget.

Do you have any further resources to recommend to these two learning consultants? If so, send them to me, and I'll forward your thoughts!

National ASTD Member Survey

National ASTD Member Survey

Please take a minute to answer a brief satisfaction survey about the level of engagement of chapter-only members vs. joint chapter and national members. The survey will be open January 1, 2013 – February 15, 2013.  
Survey Link

To thank you for participating in the survey, ASTD is offering you a free Infoline download: Using Public Resources to Enhance Learning.

ASTD will be compiling the overall data to analyze national trends and benchmarks regarding joint member engagement versus chapter-only member engagement. Thank you for your continued commitment to and support of ASTD and the learning and development profession.

Member Spotlight
Member Spotlight on Jeff Mizenko
by Kathy Englert

Last month, you read about Stacie Stutz, the ASTDps member who performs much of the behind-the-scenes magic to make the visual elements of this newsletter shine. This month, we feature another
behind-the-scenes hero who makes it possible for you to be reading this article right now. Jeff Mizenko, who has been a member of our chapter for only six months, volunteered almost immediately to serve as the Editor and Producer of the newsletter. This role is vitally important as the newsletter serves as a key communication vehicle for our members. Thank you Jeff for stepping up so quickly to help!

Volunteerism is nothing new for Jeff. He has always looked for ways to give back, as evidenced by his contributions to a wide variety of organizations and causes. In addition to his work for ASTDps, he is currently volunteering in his fiancé's school, at his church, with the Blood Mobile, and he is presently coordinating other volunteerism at the Muckleshoot Tribal School.

With all of this time spent helping other organizations, it's hard to believe Jeff has time for a day job. But he does. And he's as passionate about his job as he is his volunteer work. Jeff works as a National Training Consultant for Read Right Systems, Inc., a job that keeps him on the go, traveling throughout the United States facilitating training, implementation, and certification in Read Right's patented reading methods. As much as he loves this work, he does tire of all the travel and is interested in eventually finding work in the training field that will keep him closer to home (especially since he is getting married this summer!). It was this desire that brought him to ASTDps in the first place.  He thought it would be a good place to network and explore other options in the field he loves so much. Unfortunately, because Jeff is so often out of town, he is rarely able to attend our chapter meetings. Even when he's in town it's hard, due to his home being in Enumclaw.

Born in Chicago, Jeff spent the bulk of his childhood in Newcastle, Washington, but has since lived in quite a few places. He spent the last two years of high school in the San Francisco Bay area and then went on to college in Northern California. Upon graduation, he sampled life in Silicon Valley, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and New York. It's no surprise that Jeff has explored so many places, given the philosophy to “invest my personal life force into acquiring unique life experiences rather than material possessions.” Jeff is a believer in dreaming big and then following those dreams. He has completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and a solo sea kayak voyage down the Inside Passage from Alaska to British Columbia. He believes, “The more conscious we are about our dreams, the more likely we'll be to realize and live them.”

Wise words Jeff! Thank you for sharing your obvious passion for life with us at ASTDps and for contributing to our chapter in such a meaningful way.
2013 Networking Event

Join ASTDps for a networking event on the fourth Thursday of each month!

Next Event: 
Group Dynamics: How do you create positive group dynamics?

Thursday, February 28

5:00-7:00 PM


Wilde Rover Irish Pub

111 Central Way - Kirkland, WA 98033 (425) 822-8940.

Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some intriguing positions for members who are interested in using their strengths, gaining new skills, and meeting new people.  Check them out yourself or forward these descriptions to someone you know who may be a fit.

Registration Team Member
Be one of the first smiling faces people see in the morning!  Help welcome and check attendees in to the monthly chapter meetings.  Responsibilities include set-up at about 7:15 am and put-away after 9:30am.  There are two or three evening meetings a year as well.  Contact Judi Jones at jjones1@msn.com to express your interest.

Ambassador:  New Member Outreach
We are looking for a few personable folks to welcome new members to our Chapter.   The New Member Ambassador is responsible for actively promoting one-to-one relationships between experienced ASTDps members and new ASTDps members for the purpose of improving on-boarding, member engagement, and member retention.  Mentors contact new members and connect them with the ASTDps resources, people, and information that will make their membership a richer experience.  Estimated commitment is 2-3 hours per month for a period of one year. If you’d like to meet new people and be one of the first faces (or voices) to greet new members, consider becoming a Mentor.  For more information please contact Shelby Satko at shelbysatko@gmail.com.

If these opportunities don’t speak to you, but you are interested in becoming more involved in your ASTD chapter, please contact your mentor or Director of Membership Services Amanda Klein at memservices@astdps.org.

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