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How Learning can Drive Innovation Mojo

Sam Herring,
Intrepid Learning

How can workplace learning professional inspire in others the innovation necessary to solve the big challenges we face. Essentially, how can we be catalysts of innovation?


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Breakout Sessions (9:45am – 10:45am)



PowerPoint’s No Longer a Slideshow Freak

David Anderson, Articulate

You can do a search online and find all sorts of whining and complaining about how PowerPoint is lame.  Know what? They’re all wrong.  Not only is PowerPoint not lame, it’s probably one of the most versatile and exciting applications out there.  The problem is that many people just don’t know how to access all of the PowerPoint goodness.  This session will introduce all sorts of ways to use PowerPoint and become a PowerPoint superstar able to dazzle your co-workers, family, and possibly entertain guests at your next party. In addition, you’ll get access to all sorts of free resources.

Order Up! Technology Enabled Informal Learning

Kathryn Payne,
Intrepid Learning

Explore how to ignite your organization’s mojo with informal learning!  Intrepid Learning surveyed ~300 companies to see how they are incorporating technology-enabled informal learning into their priorities for 2012. Using the metaphor of the classic American diner, we’ll take a look at our findings about short order content.   Hear about the current state of technology-enabled learning and discover how other organizations are using tools and approaches like social and mobile learning to impact business results. 

Your Brain is Not a Bucket: Learning through Experience

Jillian Douglas,
IdeaLearning Group

The brain is not a finite container to fill, but a complex system of dynamic connections that interpret, process, and organize an amazing amount of information. Most learning takes place through direct experience not formal instruction. This session looks at the shortcomings of traditional lecture-based training through the filter of brain-based learning research. What is the role of experience and sensory intake in learning? How can we implement brain-based learning to create richer, long-lasting learning experiences? 




Brain is Not a Bucket Recap


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Keep Your Mojo Running – High Performance through Self-Renewal

Helene Cho,
Synergy Consulting

What type of energy are we putting into our work? Does it come from a place of passion, engagement, creativity, service and well-being? Or does it come from a place of being tired, stressed and feeling obligated most of the time?  The type and source of our energy can make a huge difference in our and others’ success and performance.  You are invited to participate in this informal, engaging, and fun workshop where you will learn the Seven Steps to High Performance and Engagement using innovative Self-Renewal approaches and techniques. You will leave the session feeling relaxed, renewed, and energized.




Keep your Mojo Running

Breakout Sessions  (1:30pm – 2:30pm)



Bring Your Mojo to the Virtual Classroom

Cynthia Clay,
NetSpeed Learning Solutions

Imagine if you could deliver virtual learning in a way that was so valuable and engaging that your participants prefer it to going to a classroom and listening to an instructor.  This session will show you how to create a rich, robust, collaborative virtual classroom environment that delivers a compelling learning opportunity.  In this interactive session you will learn six engagement techniques that build collaborative learning, innovative uses of the chat and polling functions, and how to annotate slides to activate interest.



Virtual Facilitation ASTD 12-0910

Mobile Learning 101

Jeff Tillett,
Mojocat Creative Services

Mobile communication devices and software, in particular, are providing WLP professionals new and powerful tools to advance learning in the organizations they serve – but only if we master how to use them and employ them creatively.

From Dry to Dynamic: Strategies to Enliven and Customize Online Learning

Nicole Bunselmeyer,
Media Designs, Inc. and Margaret Murphy,
Bellevue College

This interactive panel will discuss how to take generic online training content and 1) painlessly customize it for a specific organization; 2) convert an instructor-led, cohort-based, multi-week program to non-instructor-led modules. Using a case study based on training delivered to 1,000 participants from the Department of Veterans Affairs, panelists will break out the design and development decisions, particularly as they relate to multimedia, content organization and presentation. The presentation will cover techniques used with a focus on how to customize an established curriculum for an organization with simple but effective media-rich elements that engage the online learner.



Dry to Dynamic



Webcam getting started guide

Recharging Your Career: Boost Your Batteries before you Burnout

Andrea Ballard,
Expecting Change

Feeling dissatisfied and unconnected in your career? Is your passion for training waning or non-existent? Are you headed toward burnout? Whether considering a career change or experiencing temporary job burnout, Recharging Your Career is a chance to renew your enthusiasm for your job and look closely at how it affects your life. In this interactive session, we will connect the personal areas of your life with your job and find ways to add more joy.



Recharging Your Career Presentation


Recharge Handouts

Breakout Sessions  (2:45pm – 3:45pm)



Defining Your Personal Brand: How Can You Ignite Your Mojo if You Don’t Know What it is

Margo Myers,
Springboard Academy

This session looks at the importance of defining your personal brand and communicating it across all platforms, rather than having others determine your brand and what’s communicated about you.


Presentation 10-5-12


Build your brand statement

Rapid Social and Mobile Video Development

Paolo Tosolini,
Run Studios

Smartphones and tablets are the new best friends of corporate communicators and training managers. They are portable, connected and multitalented. You can push their powerful versatility in new and creative ways that will far exceed their traditional uses. Through practical demonstrations, Paolo Tosolini will show you how to exploit  the multimedia capabilities of  mobile devices. At the end of this session you‘ll be able to transform your stories through mobile video.



Communication Hero

Collaborative Design
 in the Fast Lane!

Sarah Bloomfield and
Adam Blinkinsop, Google

With the pace of both business and learning accelerating, how do you keep up?  How do you balance the need to deliver something quickly with the need to deliver something that is high-quality and durable?  These are tradeoffs that we each have to make every time we engage with our learners and stakeholders!   In this talk, we’ll share our experiences co-designing a variety of learning experiences for Googlers, including technical training, mobile learning, and game learning.  We’ll focus our particular brand of iterative design that we’ve honed over the four years that we’ve worked together and explore a variety of ways we keep up with the speed of Google.

Digital Team Building

John Chen,

Do you have challenges managing people virtually? Are you looking to increase communication and trust on your virtual team? Do you want to increase results and performance of your online team? Learn how to use Digital Team Building Games to build communication, trust, and team performance over technology.


Digital Team Building ASTDps

Panel Discussion



Linda Callecod, Moderator

Principal, Seraphim Consulting & Training Solutions

“How to ignite your workplace learning mojo?”
-  Major trends currently affecting the workplace learning industry

- Greatest challenges facing the workplace learning industry today?

- Social learning tools re-shaping how training design and delivery

-  Agile learning is the new buzz word: how do you define it? What are examples of agile learning?




Activating Leadership


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