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CPLP Certification

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance™ (CPLP™) offered by the ASTD Certification Institute (ASTD CI) offers workplace learning and performance (WLP) professionals an opportunity to enhance credibility and improve value in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Click here to learn more.

For our chapter, we strive to build awareness and support of CPLP certification. We organize study groups using flexible, accessible meeting formats. We also offer the use of the ASTD Learning System at a reduced price to help you prepare and study for the exam.
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From ASTD National, December 2012

The ASTD Competency Model, and the associated research, defines the competencies for the learning and development field. The model is being updated because the profession has changed significantly since the current version was introduced in 2004. The new model will look different and include some name, content, and focus changes with the Areas of Expertise (AOEs).

In addition, there will be some changes to the products and programs that align to the model, such as the CPLP certification program, CPLP prep courses, and study resources. Here is a brief explanation of what is happening and when, and what it means for your chapter.

Big Picture: What and When

The ASTD Learning System will be updated to reflect the new ASTD Competency Model content and will be available in 3Q 2013.
For those interested in CPLP certification, the CPLP exam content will be updated to align with the new ASTD Competency Model. The updated content will be introduced on the CPLP knowledge exam starting in 2014.
Candidates interested in being tested on the current ASTD Competency Model content should sit for the exam during the March, May or September 2013 test windows. The November 2013 test window is for re-testers only and will be the last opportunity for re-testing on content aligned with the current Competency Model.  Click here to see the 2013 test schedule for specific testing dates.
Individuals with the CPLP designation may familiarize themselves with the new content by reading the T+D article that introduces the new model (January 2013 issue). This article will provide a high-level review of what recent and major changes have occurred in the field and their implications for the competency model.

Click here or read the latest Candidate Bulletin at www.astd.org/cplp.

Implications for Your Chapter

This update affects your members if they are planning to sit for the CPLP knowledge exam in 2013 and beyond.
Chapters that have held CPLP Study Groups within the past year should remind all former and current group participants studying for the exam under the current ASTD Competency Model to register and sit for the exam no later than the September 2013 test window.
The November 2013 test window is forre-testers only and will be the last opportunity for re-testing on content aligned with the current Competency Model.

You may want to adjust your chapter programming to include opportunities for study group leaders and chapter members to learn more about the new model (scheduled for release 1Q 2013).

The Learning System and Study Group Leader’s Guide will be updated to reflect the new model and be available to chapters for advance purchase in 2Q 2013 with an expected delivery of 3Q 2013. Chapters planning to purchase updated Learning Systems and Study Group Leader’s Guides should budget accordingly.

Chapters may request handouts and hard copy materials of the new Competency Model for chapter events and programs through the online marketing materials request form as early as 3Q 2013.

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