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The Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP)




Save with ATDps on ATD National Orders

Your membership allows you to save money when you order at the national ATD site www.td.org, or register for an event. The Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) lets you save!


Generate Income for Your Chapter through the Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP):

ChIP is a revenue-sharing program that offers chapters an opportunity to earn revenue through purchases made through ATD by members. Through ChIP, your chapter can earn thousands of dollars from new business they generate for ATD programs and services.  Each chapter is assigned a ChIP code. Enter your chapter’s code when making an online purchase and contribute to your chapter's financial health. Locate your chapter’s ChIP code through the chapter locator. The code always begins with CH followed by a four digit number.

Use the ATDps Chapter Code

Use the code – CH8020 – with registration and all orders placed through the ATD National store. This includes books, tools, programs and more.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the Director of Membership, at members@astdps.org

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