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ASTDPS June 2012 Newsletter

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President's Message


Just back from the ASTD International Conference and Expo (ICE) and I am still digesting all of the information we learned. I had the privilege to travel with 5 other people from our learning team. While my focus is always on technology that enables learning, the rest of my team divided and conquered many of the other topics being presented at the conference. As usual, even for six people, it was like "drinking from a fire hose".

Conferences like this offer an opportunity to engage with other workplace learning professionals to share ideas and learn new things. I always come away with new thoughts or add to the depth of knowledge on different subjects. So what did I learn this year?

There was a lot of talk about innovation this year at ICE. Two of the keynote speakers spoke on it and several sessions had it wrapped into the presentations. The learning industry, like many organizations, thrives and does better when we innovate and try new things, take risks, and really push the limits of learning. What does this mean to us? I think we need to be cognizant of how we present training and how we support our organization in maintaining or becoming a learning organization. While there were not sessions on the "silver bullet" for innovation, it was a good reminder that we need to be creative in our field, and that leads to innovation.

In our own chapter, Bud Wurtz leads the special interest group, Learning to Innovate. In this monthly interest group Bud explores all of the ways organizations can become more innovative through different practices. In June, Radana Dvorak, the Author of Moodle for Dummies, will present on using Moodle to create richer, more innovative online learning interactions between educators and audiences.

I hope you will join us at the Creativity and Innovation Special Interest Group, or one of or other many events happening this summer. Let's get together and be innovative!

Darren Nerland - ASTD Puget Sound President

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June Chapter Meeting (6/19)

How to Survive a Networking Event
Presented by Diane Darling

When you hear the word "networking" do you cringe? Have you walked into a cocktail party and wished you hadn't? Attending events is only one aspect of being an effective networker, but for many people it's the most difficult. During this evening chapter meeting, you will learn how to overcome natural and normal fears of walking into professional and personal events.

Diane Darling (yes, that's her real name) tests as an introvert and will share tips and techniques you can implement immediately to gain confidence when networking. Introverts will leave knowing how to better manage an event; extroverts will learn to champion introverts and … when it may be appropriate to be quite and listen.

Join the meeting if you would like to learn:

  • How to get into a conversation (and also out of one)
  • What to do when you forget someone's name
  • Tips to pick events that are a match for you
  • Ways to best introduce yourself
  • How to juggle appetizers, a drink, hand out a business card and not look foolish
  • Best practices when exchanging business cards
  • What not to talk about
  • How to make a great first impression
  • Mistakes people make and how to overcome them
  • How men and women network differently and if it matters

Register for this Chapter meeting here.

5:30-6:00 p.m. Registration, refreshments, networking
6:00-7:15 p.m. Announcements and presentation
7:15-7:30 p.m. Networking

2100 Building
2100 – 24th Ave
Seattle, WA 98144

Want to learn more about being an effective networker? Diane is offering an in-depth workshop the following morning, Wednesday, June 20, at the 2100 Building.
Register for this workshop here.

About the Presenter
Diane Darling joins us from ASTD of Greater Boston where she is the Co-President. She is principal consultant for Effective Networking, Inc., and founded the company on the premise that everyone can learn to network, they just need to find their own style.

As the author of "The Networking Survival Guide" and "Networking for Career Success," Diane is published in seven languages. She has appeared on NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Globe. She has lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Indiana, and now Boston, Massachusetts. Her travels include all seven continents and nearly 60 countries.

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Member Spotlight

Rita Carson

By Kathy Englert

If you've attended a chapter meeting in the past few years, it's likely you've seen Rita Carson stand up and talk about CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance) certification. For the past two years, Rita has served as our chapter's Director of CPLP and has done an outstanding job supporting and enhancing CPLP certification in our region. She has done such a good job that our chapter was recently honored by ASTD for its "Advancement of the Profession through the CPLP." Rita points out that she couldn't possibly have created such a strong program without tremendous support from the Board and the chapter membership.

Rita first learned of the CPLP about three years ago, during a time of transition in her career. In 2009, after working for 31 years for Denny's Restaurants, with almost 20 of those years focused on learning and development, she decided it was time for a change. She took three months off to reflect and ponder the next road to take. It was during this time that she became actively involved in the ASTDps chapter and learned about the CPLP certification. Near the end of her career at Denny's, Rita had earned SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certification. While the experience was worthwhile, it wasn't an exact fit for the work she'd actually been doing all these years. But the CPLP? A perfect fit! She immediately signed up and began working with the existing chapter study group. She knew what an asset such a group could be, as she had participated in a study group with her Denny's colleagues while preparing for the SPHR exam. While working towards her own CPLP certification, Rita was so engaged in the process and with the study group and had so many great ideas that she was soon asked to lead the effort going forward.

Typically, when someone excels at something, it's because of an underlying passion. Talk with Rita for just a few moments and you'll be struck by her obvious passion for learning. She believes that "learning can solve anything!" The key is determining who needs to learn what. During her 3-month hiatus, Rita reflected on her tenure at Denny's, parsing what she had loved most about the work. She realized that from the very beginning when she worked as a server, teaching and learning was what brought her the most joy. Whenever colleagues needed help understanding something, Rita offered to coach them. From there, her career in learning and development grew organically until she eventually was one of four people in charge of training for all of Denny's field leadership and restaurant personnel. The work was exciting and challenging, but it's always good to try your hand at something new.

Rita decided to use her experience at Denny's and take her passion for learning into other arenas. She has now formed her own company that specializes in learning and performance improvement. In addition, she works with the Learning Solutions team at a small, boutique consulting firm (The AK Group), helping them with a variety of training projects in this region. She is very excited about this new chapter in her life, about exploring disciplines beyond the restaurant and hospitality business, and about being at home for a change! The last fifteen years of Rita's tenure with Denny's found her traveling at least three weeks out of every month. Although the travel was great, she's very happy to be at home with her husband enjoying the wonders of her native Northwest.

Thank you Rita for all you do for our chapter! We are so glad you decided to stop traveling and get involved with ASTD right here at home. Rita also has a recommendation for all members and potential members reading this article. Volunteer! She believes there is no better way to get involved in the organization, make connections, and find your place. Sounds like good advice!

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Governmental Training Consortium

Eggs & issues Governmental Training Consortium

The ASTD Puget Sound chapter is looking to build a local government training consortium to improve the quality of public services by developing, accessing and expanding learning resources for public agencies. If you are from a local, state or federal governmental agency and interested in increasing communication among agencies to share best practices and strengthening the practitioner community, come and join us in an Eggs & issues focus group. If you are interested in participating, please contact Sandra Wong at Sandra.wong@seattle.gov by June 29th.

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Member Survey Results

Better Together: We're Creating a World That Works Better
2012 ASTDps Member Survey Results Now Available!

One of our top Chapter goals is to deliver programs and benefits that meet your needs as members. In the second quarter of 2012, we conducted our Annual Member Survey via Survey Monkey to help us determine what ASTDps members want and need most. Thank you to all ASTDps members who participated!

We invite you to view the full 2012 Member Survey and Results report. After you read this, we want to hear from you! Please continue to let us know what is working for you and what you want to see more of, what you'd like to see changed, and what you want us to try that may be new. Contact Sally Templeton, VP Member Services, memservices@astdps.org with your ideas and suggestions.

Our goal is to create an ASTD chapter that is relevant and vibrant and reflects our commitment to workplace learning and development, and to your professional growth. Together, we're creating a world that works better!

At this time, we would like to report back to you some key findings and what we are doing to respond to this information.

Key Results, Responses and Tips
What's the number one reason for joining the ASTDps Chapter?
Of our members who completed the 2012 survey, 90%+ reported that it was networking and building relationships.

Three Tips for ASTDps Networking

  1. If you are a new member, did you know that we can help you become better connected within the ASTDps chapter? New ASTDps members can now get an ASTDps mentor! Want to know more about this unique opportunity? Contact memservices@astdps.org to learn more.
  2. If you want to deepen your experience and existing network as an ASTDps member, we always have new ways to volunteer or you can consider serving as a mentor to a newer Chapter member. Contact memservices@astdps.org to learn more or check out the volunteer opportunities highlighted in this newsletter.
  3. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities to network and connect at our next Chapter meeting on June 19th from 5:30-7:30 pm with the timely topic: How to Survive a Networking Event with guest speaker Diane Darling. Register at www.astdps.org.

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Competency Development

ASTDps Workplace Learning Professionals: Competency Development

The top five competencies identified with a high need to develop, based on ASTDps member 2012 survey responses were: (1) Social learning delivery (2) Influencing stakeholders (3) E-learning delivery methods and design (4) Measuring and evaluating and (5) Facilitating organizational change.

Visit our website to learn about Chapter Meetings, Professional Development Opportunities, Interest Groups, Professional Development Events and Study Groups designed to support your on-going competency development.

Specifically, on October 5, 2012, our 2012 ASTDps Conference, Ignite Your Mojo, will also highlight many of the top five competency categories including workshops on the following:

  • Mobile learning
  • How to use Google Analytics
  • Next Generation ADDIE model
  • Online and collaborative learning trends
  • Micro-modules
  • Immediate Impact: Training rollouts that pay off quickly
  • Flexible/Blended learning
  • Experiential Learning: More than Just Games

In each of the upcoming newsletters, watch for additional survey highlights with tips and responses from the ASTDps Board of Directors addressing the on-going needs of our Chapter Members.

Thank you again for your participation in the 2012 ASTDps Member Survey. We look forward to continuing to provide excellence in programming, resources and networking opportunities to support your professional development and growth throughout the remainder of 2012.

View a calendar of upcoming chapter meetings, professional development, SIGs and more here.

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2012 Board of Directors

President: Darren Nerland
Immediate Past President: Gordon Storey
Secretary: Jackie Hallstrom
VP of Finance: Jeanne Daly
VP of Membership Services: Sally Templeton
VP of Communications: Nicole Forward
VP of Programs: Karen Thornton
VP of Technology: Magic Johnson
VP of Professional Development: Sherry Johnson Metz
VP of Research and Learning Sciences: Bev Parnell
VP of SIGs/GIGs/PDNs: Paul Marshall

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