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Research & Learning Sciences:
Connecting Research to Performance

ASTD Research tracks trends, informs decisions, and connects research to practice and performance. Below you will find links to comprehensive data and insightful analysis, ASTD Research Reports that will help business leaders and workplace learning and performance professionals understand and more effectively respond to today’s fast-paced workplace learning and development industry.

ASTD research reports offer an empirical foundation for today’s data-driven decision-makers, containing both quantitative and qualitative analysis about organizational learning, human capital management, training, and performance.

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   The VP of Research and Learning Sciences is Rob McGowan. You may reach him at research@astdps.org

  Puget Sound Chapter Volunteers:

    Carol Melby
           Rob McGowan
    Workforce Development Liaison, ASTDps
          Research & Learning Sciences Coordinator, ASTDps
    melby.carol@gmail.com           robmcgowan@msn.com
     206-523-8142           425-233-1535

Bridging the Skills Gap:
ASTD White Paper

“Bridging the Skills Gap” is the third report from ASTD to cover the growing importance of talent to organizational performance and the skills gap that threatens so many organizations today. This report updates the picture, including the role of job losses during the current recession, and examines the influence of Web 2.0 and the Net Generation on workforce skills.

Government Affairs: Advocacy

The Director of Public Resource Information & Strategies with the ASTD Puget Sound Chapter is Dr. William “Bud” Wurtz. You may contact him at governmentaffairs@astdps.org

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