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Suggested communication with ASTDps Members regarding the Member Directory:

Why you should fill out your Profile (What’s In It For You):

·         You could use the information to see other members who are in your same industry or line of practice

·         You can increase your visibility within the chapter by doing so.  Whether you want to network with more Learning and Development professionals, want to hire new talent for your organization, or just want to get your name out there, our Directory can help you do that. 

·         Our ASTD Puget Sound Board Members use the information internally to make decisions about future directions of the chapter.  Examples are: we look at the types of industries people are in, to make decisions about the type of programming that would be helpful to our membership, or we look at where they are located in order to make decisions about where to hold events

·         We use the information internally to report to ASTD National regarding the demographics of our chapter

Protecting Your Information:

·         There are three levels of protection for your information:

o        Level 1:  You must be a member to access the Directory.  There is a light screening process that happens before we allow a person to become a member of ASTDps.  In other words, we don’t let just anyone become a member.

o        Level 2: You cannot download the member Directory.  In order to access the information, you would have to manually copy/paste information of each individual, one-by-one.

o        Level 3:  You can set your own privacy settings.  There is a button on your Profile page where you can set the level of privacy you want for your information (click here for directions). 

Examples of Appropriate Uses of the Member Directory:

·       If you meet someone at an ASTDps chapter, but didn’t get their card, it’s a way you could look them up

·       You can sort people by industry, so you can see who else in the chapter is in the same industry you are and share information with each other on best practices, etc.

Examples of Inappropriate Uses of the Member Directory:

·         Adding ASTDps members to your personal or business newsletter, without their permission

·         Using the ASTDps members’ emails or contact information without their permission to sell them your service or products

·         Selling or sharing ASTDps members’ contact information (or list) to third-party, outside entities

We do take privacy seriously.  Thus, if you are found using the information in the Member Directory inappropriately, your ASTDps membership will be in jeopardy and could be revoked.

If you feel your information has been inappropriately used, please contact us at:  contact.us@astdps.org

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